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How Outbound Telemarketing Increases The ROI For Digital Marketing

A business needs to demonstrate year over year development. One of the primary tools that successful B2B marketing and sales professionals rely on is outbound telemarketing. .

How about we investigate 3 different ways B2B outsourced telemarketing can be the game changer for your business to be able to grow yearly.

1.  Everyone is on the web these days so digital marketing has to be a better option, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong. With digital marketing alone, you’re simply putting your eggs in one basket waiting for the customer to come to you. Outbound telemarketing has evolved over the years and when used in conjunction with digital marketing, can likely be the most successful strategy. Think of your outbound telemarketing team as the “cavalry”, and digital marketing as the “special ops”. Certainly digital marketing can identify prospective customers for an organisation. With the latest and greatest advances in “click tracking” you can see when a prospect is looking at a certain piece of digital marketing, how long they’re looking at it, and what other products were of interest to them. With the spy work done, it’s time to call in the cavalry. Instead of hoping the prospective customer can clearly see the benefit of your product or service, outbound telemarketing can ensure it. 68% of B2B sales involve some form of human interaction such as telemarketing. Knowing there is some level of interest, you now can focus your efforts on reaching out to them with confidence.


2.  Rapidly Build Your Sales Team Using Outsourced Telemarketing Resources

With such a competitive workforce, the saying ‘great help is hard to come by’ rings considerably more evident. Particularly when you are endeavouring to rapidly expand staff to handle new products and services. Checking on applications and leading meetings can turn into a tedious and exhausting undertaking. While outsourced telemarketing organisations may not employ experts in your field, a quality partner is likely to employ experts in sales. Great salespeople truly are a rare breed. Instead of trying to find an expert in your field who you can train to sell, find a salesperson who you can train to your field. Outsourced telemarketing is essentially a must for companies who need increased staff for multiple shorter periods throughout the year. Instead of dealing with the hassle of layoffs and re-hiring staff, outsourced telemarketing organisations offer you this flexibility.

3. Did You know Outsourced Telemarketing is Perfect for Lead Generation, Lead Qualification & Data Cleanup?

Looking back over the last few years, outsourced telemarketing has grown leaps and bounds from the traditional “cold call” mentality. From a productivity stand point, an internal sales team needs to be efficient. The quickest and easiest way to accomplish this is through lead generation and qualification. Utilising an outsourced telemarketing organisation to sift through cold leads to generate and qualify true prospect leads can potentially be a game changer. This enables your internal sales team to be hand fed leads that are more likely to be fruitful. One way to do this is through market research. Market research campaigns can ultimately be paramount in understanding the needs of your customer base, but more importantly in identifying prospective sales leads. All of which can be done while cleaning up the demographic information of the leads. With clean data, you increase the success rate of additional marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, there are numerous options to consider when deciding the path of your outbound marketing efforts. Undeniably the success of outsourced telemarketing continues to withstand the tests of time. With the right partner, and careful planning and strategies, outsourced telemarketing is an ace in your hand.

Outsourced telemarketing is constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of organisations. If you’re looking to see what Telemarketing can do to grow your organisation, we would love to help. Give us a call.

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