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Why Virtelpro is your partner for success

In today’s busy, high demand world, it’s not enough to offer your customers the “latest and greatest” product or service. Consumers expect to reach your business super-quickly at any time and on all their devices. If they don’t, they’ll move on to your competition. That’s why it’s critical for your success to have friendly, knowledgeable and highly trained agents always available to provide immediate assistance. Virtelpro offers the most trusted, reliable and customized communication services to fit all your organization’s unique needs.

We’re more than a call center. Consider us an extension of your own team.

Our mission is to provide superior communication services across the board, so your business succeeds beyond your wildest expectations. Our passionate and results-driven agents provide expert communication services that deliver many incredible growth benefits for your business We help to enhance your reputation, nurture leads, close more deals, increase customer retention and improve your bottom line.

Our 4-step solution surpasses all expectations

This is the #1 reason companies outsource part of their operations. Not only is the cost of labor typically half of what it is in developed countries, our clients do not have to pay for office space, computers, equipment, taxes, HR or legal costs. All of these add up to at least a 60% cost savings, sometimes more! In the Philippines, the cost of living is much lower than the developed world. This doesn’t necessarily mean the standard of living is lower, in fact we enable our Filipino staff to support themselves and their families who live in modern cities with modern amenities.

Once you partner with Virtelpro, management headaches become a thing of the past. Our highly skilled HR, IT and Management staff will take care of your team ensuring your workers turn up on time, dealing with vacation and sick leave reporting, recruitment, system maintenance, staff performance, up-training etc. All of that will be done for you, enabling you to focus on your business.

The average age in the Philippines is 23 years old, a demographic that has grown up with technology. This population has access to growing BPO training opportunities through independent programs and higher education institutes. They are growing up during a time where the BPO industry is truly flourishing, so they are entering the marketplace well equipped with tools and knowledge to succeed. This peer group recognizes and believes that the BPO industry is one of the best employment options in the country. This also makes them better suited to adapt to the changing needs of the market, remaining agile and flexible so your business can too. We have a stringent hiring process that enables us to choose talented individuals for any given task.

At Virtelpro our primary objective before taking any new project is identifying whether the required task can be achieved. If so and after an Agreement is put in place, we do everything within our means to ensure task completion. Motivation, staff morale and incentives are some of the driving forces making this possible. Working closely with our clients and keeping the communication channels opened through all levels with transparency, makes every mission – POSSIBLE.

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