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About Us


The growth of the Outsourcing industry in less than a decade has been nothing short of amazing in the Philippines. Known for their excellent communication skills with English as their second language, the Filipinos thrived to become one of the leaders in the BPO industry.

Virtual Assistants, remotely working from their homes or office, took on tasks comprising of Back Office, IT and Customer Service Support to various other Telemarketing and Sales roles. The tremendous Cost Savings became the biggest driver of Outsourcing to the Philippines.

With the purpose of combining cost effective solutions and highly skilled outsourcing professionals, VIRTELPRO was established not only in fulfilling the needs of its clients but to foster lasting relations. Our agents, who are college educated and highly skilled call center professionals are dedicated to any outsourcing task. Whilst allowing our Clients to primarily focus on the Core aspects of running their businesses, VIRTELPRO excels in redefining the outsourced tasks, whilst treating every Client’s customers as our very own. Our professional staff can work from the comfort of their homes or our fully equipped office in Cebu City.

VIRTELPRO is an internationally recognized company that started in August 2017 with an office in Cebu City, Philippines


Unlike other outsourcing companies in the Philippines, VIRTELPRO offers a very flexible approach to campaigns. Clients can customize the projects they outsource, allowing them full access and control of the project. Unlike packages with fixed, pre-selected services, VIRTELPRO give clients the ability to scale their campaigns up or down, depending on their specific business needs at any given time.

Is your company a start-up or a growing enterprise that prefers flexibility and tailor-made solutions? Why not contact us today and make VIRTELPRO your partner in choice.